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Everything would be excellent if the duke of Auerstadt had been at Ingolstadt and the duke of Rivoli with the Wiirttembergers and Oudinot's corps at Augsburg,. Each morning cleaners make sure everything is spotless. The document is entitled "Secrett Inventionis, proffitabill and necessary in theis dayes for defence of this Iland, and withstanding of strangers, enemies of God's truth and religion," a and the inventions consist of (1) a mirror for burning the enemies' ships at any distance, (2) a piece of artillery destroying everything round an arc of a circle, and (3) a round metal chariot, so constructed that its occupants could move it rapidly and easily, while firing out through small holes in it. [M] [T] She got him to do everything she wanted him to do. " She wanted to buy everything in the store. " I wasn't lying, I just wasn't telling everything. The Netherlanders detested the Spaniards and everything Spanish, and this foreign mercenary force, together with the new bishops, was looked upon as part of a general plan for the gradual overthrow of their rights and liberties. Everything that is known about him is to his credit. Simply type or paste any words you want to convert into the form below, hit the magic Backwards Text button and that's it. The bag was an expensive, down-filled model, and like everything else, showed little if any signs of wear. We should always make an effort to do everything at the right time. But even if I had a robot that knew everything, I couldn't really say, "Tell me every custom they have here" and be fully informed. We took all the pho­tographs we need and we've inventoried everything. By this arrangement .the provincials were ignored, and everything was left in the hands of the capitalists. You can also use our best paraphrase tool to paraphrase your whole article or a sentence or a paragraph. The pillar of light was moving closer, enveloping everything in its path. Techniques vary from a … When she had cast aside all the jeans she couldn't wear, there was room for everything else. Before it was a marvellous mirror erected on a many-storeyed pedestal (described in detail); in this speculum he could discern everything that went on throughout his dominions, and detect conspiracies. On paper the scheme had everything to recommend it as the expedient most likely to bring about the desired end. The fundamental uniform fact in nature is constant change (lravra Xwpei Kai ovSiv Ova); everything both is and is not at the same time. All the architectural and decorative details, all the carvings and colors, all the accessories everything was wrought in silk, and each of the 1500 figures forming the procession wore exactly appropriate costume. Sidgwick holds that intuition must justify the claims of the general happiness upon the individual, though everything subsequent is hedonistic calculus. You're asking me to drop everything when I'm so close to achieving my goal. This was partly due to the influence of Christianity, which sought to include as objects of sacrilege all forms of church property, rather than merely those things consecrated in pagan cults, partly to the efforts of the later emperors to surround themselves and everything emanating from them with highest sanctions. I'm trying to get everything caught up so I can spend a little time with Claudette. According to Herville, the French envoy, Bolingbroke declared to him that in six weeks he could have secured everything. Zoroaster taught a new religion; but this must not be taken as meaning that everything he taught came, so to say, out of his own head. The complex system of dead and dying tissues cut off by these successive periderms, together with the latter themselves in fact, everything outside the innermost phellogen, constitutes what is often known botanically as the bark of the tree. We may add that according to this view nothing is real but the living spirit of God and the world of living spirits which He has created; the things of this world have only reality in so far as they are the appearance of spiritual substance, which underlies everything. They weren't lost, even if it seemed like everything else was. The mileage was scrupulously recorded, as was everything else. Join now. thought Rostov, but then even this indecision appeared to him majestic and enchanting, like everything else the Tsar did. In two weeks Alex would be making the decisions and everything that once belonged to her parents would belong to him as well. You make a difference. Everything turned out fine and you learned a lesson. She stripped out of her long-sleeved shirt, leaving just her T-shirt on, then pulled out everything from her pockets she didn't need. Philosophy will show you that everything has to be so and so. Antisthenes adopted this principle in its most literal sense, and proceeded to explain "knowledge" in the narrowest terms of practical action and decision, excluding from the conception everything except the problem of individual will realizing itself in the sphere of ordinary existence. Examples of Everything in a sentence. Where God is believed in at all, it is believed that upon God everything else depends. He fancies that he has tried or observed everything in human experience, and his deliberate conclusion is that nothing is worth doing. Here is an enclosed basin covering 123 acres with ample quayage, dry docks and everything necessary to the accommodation, repair, revictualling and coaling of a numerous fleet. Random Number Generator: Generate some random numbers in a specific number range. It is used to reword sentences, paragraphs, and even long-form content as blog posts, articles and essays. During these miserable years everything like patriotism or public spirit seems to have died out of the hearts of the Hungarian aristocracy. The principles of interpretation on which he proceeded were, to import nothing into Scripture, but to draw out of it everything that it really contained, in conformity with grammaticohistorical rules; not to be hampered by dogmatical considerations; and not to be influenced by the symbolical books. The store is having a fifty-percent off sale in which everything they sell is half of the original price. No matter what she said, getting him back meant financial security - a roof over her head and everything that went along with it. "But won't they be veg'table, like everything else here?" Birdwood decided, in consultation with Godley and Byng, that the front trenches should be held up to the very last moment on the night of final evacuation, the troops manning them then hastening to the beaches, everything removable, whether animate or inanimate, having already left. Everything's here...but the bathing suit and ball cap. Sentences Menu. She'd never be able to trust someone with everything or find her equal the way Damian and Dusty had found theirs. / Accent Reduction / Accent Neutralization / Reductions / Linking / Improve Your American English Pronunciation / Improve Your Pronunciaton / Accent Training Audio Files / sound natural when I speak / accent modification / … This tool will create unique content for you instantly and make you able to post a high-quality article on your site that will increase your viewer's interest and automatically increase your importance in search engines that will positively affect your income. Everything in this place screamed creepy order, which made her wonder what was wrong with the owner. The regard entertained by the natives for Caramuru (signifying man of fire) induced them to extend a hospitable welcome to his countrymen, and for a time everything went on well. Press Enter or hit the "rewrite sentence now" button. Then just copy and paste your Reverse Text to use elsewhere. Roxanne had everything; beauty, a good figure, and a sweet personality. The man before him had taken everything from him once; he wouldn't let him do it again! On the other hand, some uses can seem silly, as when the items on the “range” have nothing remotely in common — “everything from pineapples to Dostoyevsky.” And some sentences with this construction become convoluted, overstuffed and hard to read. The windows in the car would be broken, and everything would get soaked. Sentences need a capital letter at the beginning and a punctuation mark at the end, like a full stop (. Naked crags, when they do appear, lift themselves from a sea of green, and a tropical vegetation, quite Malaysian in character, covers everything.

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